New Video Series Celebrates Education Entrepreneurs

August 30, 2011

Entrepreneurs are a special breed; they’re tenacious, imaginative risk-takers willing to work hard to see their ideas become reality. They draw on diverse experiences to generate breakthrough ideas that disrupt the status quo. And they’re bringing the same transformative impact to public education as they have in the fields of medicine, technology and science.

That’s why over the next five weeks we’re celebrating education entrepreneurs in a new video series, NewSchools Presents: Education Entrepreneurs. We’re kicking things off with a video featuring entrepreneurs talking about the qualities that make the entrepreneur unique.

Next, an interview with perhaps the most famous education entrepreneur today, Sal Khan. Khan, whose Khan Academy has delivered more than 71 million online video tutorials, talks how the idea for Khan Academy developed and his hopes for the future.

We’ll release new videos of education entrepreneurs telling their stories each week on our website. Check out for more information and future videos.