Students Assessments Aren’t Delivering on Their Promise for Accountability or Equity

Now is the Time to Reassess our Student Assessment Policies By Erin Harless, Manager of Research and Learning, NewSchools Venture Fund The education sector is in the midst of an overdue reckoning about its role in perpetuating systemic racism in this country, from curricula that perpetuates a Eurocentric worldview to an educator workforce that does […]

Like Airlines, Schools Can Fall Victim to ‘Press-On-Itis.’ 6 Ways to Make Sure Reopening Plans Can Adapt as Circumstances Change

By Gabi Netter, Associate Partner, NewSchools Venture Fund This article originally appeared in The 74. Despite pressure from President Donald Trump for schools to offer in-person instruction this fall, many students in states such as California and in 17 of the 20 biggest school districts in the nation will start the year online. As they reopen, schools and districts are […]

Beyond survival: Planning for a world where equity work thrives

By Tiffany Cheng Nyaggah, Partner, NewSchools Venture Fund Equity-minded entrepreneurs gravitate to the exciting work of creating something new because they are deeply committed to building a more just and compassionate world. Earlier this year, few leaders would have imagined a threat to their organization arriving in the form of a pandemic, which would upend […]