Why We’re Leading with Optimism, Imagination, and Ambition in 2023

By Frances Messano, Chief Executive Officer It’s an exciting and challenging time to step into the CEO role at NewSchools. For the past eight years, I’ve been an executive leader in the organization and I’ve had the opportunity to design and implement new ways of funding and supporting education entrepreneurs. In 2023, we are celebrating […]

Don’t Give Up on Big, Long-Term Bets

By Stacey Childress, Chief Executive Officer To say young people have been under a lot of pressure over the last few years feels like a gross understatement. And for those of us who raise and give philanthropic dollars in education, it’s hard to know what to do with resources at a time when everything feels […]

What We’ve Learned from our Focus on Excellence and Equity in Education Innovation

By Frances Messano, President Over the past seven years, NewSchools has been intentional about centering racial equity and investing in leaders of color. Along the way, we’ve heard rumblings that some white leaders believe they shouldn’t apply for funding because their chances of receiving a grant are lower. Nothing could be further from the truth. […]

Becoming the Next CEO of NewSchools

By Frances Messano, President In March, we announced that I will succeed Stacey Childress as CEO of NewSchools Venture Fund, beginning in 2023. I am grateful for Stacey’s extraordinary leadership and intentional transition planning. She supported my growth, giving me stretch opportunities over time and the freedom to lead different parts of our work, which […]

Advancing an Integrated Vision for Excellence, Innovation, and Equity

By Stacey Childress, Chief Executive Officer As NewSchools prepares for a new chapter under our incoming CEO, Frances Messano, I have been reflecting on the work our team has done over the last eight years to strengthen public education.   A key insight I had when I joined the organization in 2014 was that in order […]