A new website!

April 22, 2011

To say that your website is your calling card in the digital age is to use a metaphor that’s either archaic or very deeply retro.

But it’s true. Whether it’s the people who do business with you every day or the ones who are just trying to figure out if they’d like to get to know you, the world learns who you are, more often than not, by the way you present yourself digitally.

That’s why we at NewSchools are so excited about our new website. We believe, and hope you agree, that this site is equal to our aspirations as an organization that drives innovation that improves education. As you’ll see, it’s a story that we aim to tell increasingly through the on-the-ground work of the terrific organizations we support, and the impact they’re having on the lives of low-income kids. We’re hoping that what you’ll find here is clear, concise information, laid out in a way that makes it easy to find. You’ll discover features that are entirely new, including case studies of the work our ventures have done, and an integrated presence for this blog, pictures and video, and other key resources.

Credit for the rapid work it took to design, complete and launch this site well in advance of our Summit goes to Joe Ventura, our senior communications manager, and the team he led, as well as to Alice Bybee, Sam Evans, and the other terrific folks at Iron Creative, who did gorgeous work really fast.

We hope you’ll take a look, and of course drop us a note if you have thoughts about what you see.

Don’t forget to include your calling card.