A Calculated Approach – Supporting Excellence in Public Education

December 20, 2017

When most people hear “Finance Director” they think of spreadsheets, budgets and audits. And, that is an important part of the job. But, my NewSchools colleague Amy Omand also sees her role as Senior Director of Finance through a broader lens – she is part of the team of folks supporting educators and education entrepreneurs who are making students’ most ambitious dreams and plans a reality.

Like all of us at NewSchools, Amy fundamentally believes every young person has the right to a high-quality public education. And even as a CPA, she lives out that passion every day. In her own words, “My world view includes a strong desire to support and push forward excellence in public education.”

As a member of the NewSchools team, I work with a phenomenal set of colleagues. Amy’s work is often behind the scenes and she is much too modest talk about herself this way. Yet, her problem-solving skills and support for our investment teams have made a huge impact on our work to ultimately close the opportunity gap: the gap between what young people and their families want for themselves, and what our schools are preparing them to do.

It’s common at this time of year to reflect on what we’re grateful for. In that spirit of thankfulness, I am sharing this Armanino Executive Spotlight on Amy with her permission. I encourage you to give it a read. It shows why we are all thankful for Amy, and why she feels grateful to bring her tremendous talent to NewSchools.