Bridgespan’s Susan Colby: “All means all”

June 30, 2010

Bridgespan has posted Susan Colby’s presentation from the NewSchools Summit 2010, in which she implored the audience “to focus relentlessly on the destination of all children having the means to achieve their dreams.”

The remarks surveyed what education entrepreneurs have accomplished and what lies ahead, and kicked off a session on what it will take for the entrepreneurial education sector to scale up its impact in the years ahead. You can view just the slides, or the script itself (which includes thumbnails of the accompanying slides).

Bridgespan has also released more insights into the future of public education, including a summary of a recent conversation about the topic, moderated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Don Shalvey (also known to many as the co-founder of Aspire Public Schools) and featuring Massachusetts’ deputy education commissioner, the CEO of School of One, a managing director from Academy of Urban School Leadership (AUSL), and Bridgespan’s own Caitrin Moran Wright, who co-authored “Next Generation Learning: Can We Crack Four Problems to Unleash Quality Education for All?”