Building Diverse, Non-instructional Teams with Ops 360

Ops360 trains school and CMO teams to start and strengthen non-instructional operations. In June 2015, we launched our first yearlong cohorts in Memphis and New Orleans. Fifty-five percent of the diverse group of finance, data, operations and school leaders were African Americans. Developing skills and knowledge that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations translates […]

The New Teacher Center Re-Doubles Efforts

Following the NewSchools Venture Fund Summit 2014, the New Teacher Center re-doubled our diversity efforts with both our internal team and our partners. Not only have we diversified our recruiting pipeline, created a diversity task force, expanded and diversified our senior leadership team and Board of Directors, but we have also begun work examining the […]

The Expectations Project Sees Power in Faith Communities

Faith leaders are trusted voices who can facilitate conversations and collaboration across political, racial and socioeconomic difference. They bring a deeply rooted sense of hope that educational excellence and equity can be achieved in our lifetime. As the impact of The Expectations Project grows, more faith leaders and their congregations will convene families and raise […]

Paul Public Charter Builds A Pipeline with a Purpose

At Paul Public Charter School, our coaching program for Black female school leaders enhances the likelihood that our leaders embrace challenges, stay in the struggle, and positively impact our sustainability and the college and career success of our scholars. We support the coaching program and diversify the perspectives of our leaders by establishing a deep […]

Achievement Prep Invests in African American Male Leaders

At Achievement Prep, 22% of leadership positions in our network are held by African American men.  We hear a consistent message from our African American male leaders that they strive to be examples of positivity for our scholars, despite a pervasive public message to our children about the dubious position of African American men in […]

Summit Presenter Q&A with Tom Chi, Google X Co-Founder

Our annual NewSchools Summit is coming up soon, on May 6, 2015. Over the coming weeks, we will feature some of our exciting presenters. First up this week is Tom Chi, a Google X co-founder, entrepreneur, teacher, and rapid prototyping enthusiast. During Tom’s time as the head of Product Experience at Google X, the team created Google Glass, the Self-Driving […]

UP Education Network Assembles its 2nd Diversity and Inclusivity Task Force

UP Education’s second Diversity and Inclusivity Task Force is creating a scorecard to measure our organization’s progress and performance in the areas of recruiting, hiring, training, supporting, promoting, and retaining a diverse group of employees. We look forward to hearing the diverse voices and perspectives from across the network and holding ourselves accountable for realizing our […]

Beyond Z Accelerator Preparing Diverse Next Generation Leaders

Beyond Z believes leaders can emerge from everywhere and is creating a new talent strategy for the country.  Their career accelerator empowers promising young people on their path to college graduation, meaningful careers, and lives of impact.  They are creating a model to discover, develop, and connect at least 100,000 extraordinary, diverse young people to […]