A Highly Effective Teacher in Every Classroom: Creating Talent Development Systems That Drive Instructional Excellence

April 9, 2010

Excellent teachers are in scarce supply, particularly for low-income and minority students who so desperately need them. The reasons for this have been hotly debated for decades, but there is nearly universal agreement on one thing: our current education system does not set teachers up for success.

While a great deal of emphasis has been placed on the “front end” of the eacher talent development chain – recruitment, selection, placement, and induction – this tool examines the “back end” of this system, describing evaluation, development, and promotion practices in use at Achievement First and Mastery Charter Schools, as well as the resources and structures involved in supporting these innovative talent development practices. The full report includes both a case study and sample documents that are used by the profiled organizations, while the toolkit contains all of these original documents, so that you may modify them for use inside your own organization.

This publication is the latest installment in NewSchools’ ongoing efforts to highlight the work of the entrepreneurial ventures we support and others who are pioneering new ways to dramatically improve public education. By enabling entrepreneurs to share their ideas, knowledge, and practices with one another and with the wider field, we hope to accelerate the improvement of public education for underserved students.

Full Tool: Case Study and Toolkit (PDF, 189 pages)
Case Study Only (PDF, 19 pages)
Toolkit Only (ZIP, 40 documents)