Our Model

As a nonprofit venture philanthropy firm, we use the charitable donations we receive to support teams of educators and entrepreneurs who are reimagining public education to create great results for all students. Explore our model to learn more.

diligence management knowledge

NewSchools is known for identifying and supporting some of the highest impact education entrepreneurs in the field.

Pipeline, Diligence & Investment

We cultivate pipelines of promising, diverse entrepreneurs, rigorously screen them, and invest in ventures with the greatest potential to create results for students. Learn more about our investment criteria

Management Assistance and Support

We deliver customized guidance and resources to help our ventures succeed. We create and support communities of practice where entrepreneurs learn from each other and experts. Learn more

Knowlege Sharing

We connect entrepreneurs to each other and share their lessons broadly to ensure that the best ideas and tools spread nationwide to benefit all students. Learn more

How We Work

When we invest, we evaluate a number of common criteria across our investment areas. We assess ventures on the following dimensions:

  • Alignment with our mission and strategy
  • Idea
  • Team
  • Diversity
  • Financial sustainability

Our core values inform the work we do and how we do it. At NewSchools we are:

  • Bold
  • Passionate
  • Connected
  • Inclusive
  • Accountable

Invest in NewSchools

Your charitable donation to NewSchools Venture Fund helps us advance the pace and quality of education innovation. If you believe, like we do, that entrepreneurs can generate new ideas that improve our education system, join us by making an investment.

With the support of our generous donors, we work with entrepreneurs determined to transform the way school works for hundreds of thousands of young people in the coming years.