NewSchools Venture Fund invests in organizations that are working to improve public education and reimagine learning. Our venture portfolio includes more than 300 organizations across the country.

Innovative Public Schools

In these schools, educators are encouraged to be creative and students are taking charge of their own learning. NewSchools supports the launch of new public schools and the redesign of existing ones.

New Public Schools

We support early-stage charter organizations with their first and/or second schools and support district schools with the autonomy to use innovative instructional designs.

School Redesign

We support organizations that provide integrated tools and resources, along with implementation support, to help existing schools adopt innovative models.

These tools are developed by companies and nonprofits creating innovative products to help address the most pressing needs identified by teachers and students. From 2015-2019, NewSchools used a “challenge” model to help spur innovation in areas of need identified by educators.

Diverse Leaders

NewSchools aims to close the diversity gap by recruiting, retaining and supporting Black and Latino teachers and leaders in education.

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