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Charter Board Partners Diversifies its Board

At Summit 2014, CBP pledged to “COMMIT” to making our board more diverse, modeling the commitment to diversity that we ask of charter school boards. Our goal: add two board members with high-priority skills and expertise who are Black or Latino.  We are thrilled that we have since added two Black board members who bring exceptional talent, leadership, and expertise to our board: Corey Ealons and Michael Pickrum.  Visit charterboards.org for their […] Read more

Micro Schools: Opportunities and Potential Challenges

The meteoric rise in the interest in so-called “micro schools” over the past year has been impressive. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a micro school is simply a school, public or private, with a small student population (typically fewer than 100 students). Often these models are associated with emerging ideas such as personalized and blended learning, competency-based progression and flexible designs, though none of those are necessarily required. For additional context, […] Read more

Dissatisfied Yet Optimistic: Moving Faster toward New School Models

Today, Diane Tavenner, Aylon Samouha, Jeff Wetzler and I released a paper called Dissatisfied Yet Optimistic: Moving Faster toward New School Models. Each of us has been working from different vantage points for a number of years to redesign schools for personalized learning by rethinking time, talent, and technology. Several months ago, we decided to try to write down what we believed in common about why better models of schooling are necessary, […] Read more

Building Diverse, Non-instructional Teams with Ops 360

Ops360 trains school and CMO teams to start and strengthen non-instructional operations. In June 2015, we launched our first yearlong cohorts in Memphis and New Orleans. Fifty-five percent of the diverse group of finance, data, operations and school leaders were African Americans. Developing skills and knowledge that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations translates to increased resources and time for improving academics and culture. Read more

A Next Gen Student Heads to College

As some of you might remember, Sofia Canela from Summit Public Schools joined Stacey Childress on stage at our closing plenary session at this year’s NewSchools Summit.  She shared her experience attending Summit Tahoma, a next generation school that promotes student agency and believes in an expanded definition of student success. Sofia starts college this week. I was able to catch up with her to hear more about graduation, her summer, and her […] Read more

The New Teacher Center Re-Doubles Efforts

Following the NewSchools Venture Fund Summit 2014, the New Teacher Center re-doubled our diversity efforts with both our internal team and our partners. Not only have we diversified our recruiting pipeline, created a diversity task force, expanded and diversified our senior leadership team and Board of Directors, but we have also begun work examining the impact of new state standards on the equity and diversity on beginning teachers, schools leaders, and mentors. Read more

NewSchools Catapult: 1 Week Countdown, Early Observations

Earlier this summer, we released NewSchools Catapult, an opportunity for innovative, new schools with plans to launch in Fall 2016 to apply for early-stage investment from us.  Its goal over the next several years is to propel successive waves of education entrepreneurs to launch new schools – the kinds of incredible, life-altering schools that can truly prepare our students to pursue their most ambitious dreams. In keeping with our mission and core values, our focus […] Read more

Introducing NewSchools Ignite: Accelerating Innovation in K-12 EdTech Market Gaps

In the edtech world, there is no shortage of talent or ideas. In fact, here at NewSchools, we have had the privilege of supporting some of the brightest minds building innovative tools to support K-12 teaching and learning. Nevertheless, educators nationwide report that in certain sectors there is a lack of high quality digital tools available to support students’ growth in areas critical for success in the 21st century. Today, we are […] Read more

Growing the Nation’s Best Charter Sector

In 2011, NewSchools Venture Fund launched its four-year, $12 million Boston Charter School Replication Fund. Led by Jim Peyser, the Boston Fund has helped double the size of the nation’s highest-performing charter sector: by 2020, the Boston charter sector will serve nearly 11,000 students and one in four middle schoolers. Meanwhile, we have focused on building an ecosystem that can support the ongoing growth of quality schools.In order to capture the work […] Read more

The Expectations Project Sees Power in Faith Communities

Faith leaders are trusted voices who can facilitate conversations and collaboration across political, racial and socioeconomic difference. They bring a deeply rooted sense of hope that educational excellence and equity can be achieved in our lifetime. As the impact of The Expectations Project grows, more faith leaders and their congregations will convene families and raise their voices in support of policies and practices that improve educational outcomes for all our children. Read more