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Live From Summit 2012: Kicking Off the Day!

This morning’s opening session kicked off the second day of the NewSchools-Aspen Institute Venture Fund Summit 2012. Today there will be numerous conference sessions with thought-provoking speakers on tap. From our opening session to our closing plenary, we will update you on what’s going on and who said what, so stay tuned!This morning started with Laysha Ward, of presenting sponsor Target, greeting the enthusiastic morning crowd. “It’s a privilege to join this […] Read more

Join the #NSVFSummit Conversation

At Summit 2012, we’ll be taking an honest look about what’s been accomplished by education reformers, as well as what still needs to be done. This important conversation shouldn’t (and doesn’t have to) remain within the walls of the hotel. We encourage you to take part online, to share what you’re thinking, and spread what you’ve learned. Join the conversation on Twitter by following NewSchools (@NSVF) and using the Summit hashtag (#NSVFSummit). To […] Read more

Guest Post: Talking About Reform

I’m eager to attend NewSchools Venture Fund’s Summit next week, and to have the opportunity to share ideas on what needs to be done to transform education in underserved communities.At New Teacher Center (NTC), we understand only too well the cycles that sustain inequity in our society. New principals and new teachers, who still have a lot to learn about how to be fully effective in the job, are all too often […] Read more

Guest Post: Kickstarting Innovation for ELLs and SPED Students

When I left my job as a software developer, my original intent was to become a third grade classroom teacher. But during my teacher-credentialing program, I became more interested in special education and felt that working with a wider variety of learners and abilities would make me a stronger and more versatile educator.I ended up as a middle school special educator in East Palo Alto, where I got to work alongside the […] Read more

Guest Post: Teaching in the Digital Age

 The upcoming NewSchools Summit features some stellar panels.  One you don’t want to miss is “Teaching in the Digital Age,” which will feature teachers from innovative school models, like School of One and Rocketship, mixed with teachers from traditional schools who are actively using technology in their classrooms. I’ll be moderating this discussion, and one of the questions I want to focus on is how the shift towards more technology has changed […] Read more

Summit 2012

“While the achievement gap between white and black students has narrowed significantly over the past few decades, the gap between rich and poor students has grown substantially during the same period… [Between 1970 and 2007,] the achievement gap by income had grown by 40 percent … while the gap between white and black students, regardless of income, had shrunk substantially.” — The New York Times “In 2010, 37 percent of … additional earnings went to just […] Read more

NewSchools Summit 2011: Sal Khan and Joel Klein

Technology has opened new ways for information—and lessons—to reach students. In a good-hearted and fast-moving conversation between Joel Klein, who recently left his post as Chancellor of the New York City schools to join News Corporation, and Sal Khan, author of more than 2,000 free, virally popular instructional videos, debate what the future of education will look like. Read more

Kaya Henderson and Reed Hastings at Summit 2011

In what many attendees considered the highlight of NewSchools Summit 2011, Carlos Watson moderates the closing keynote discussion between D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson and Netflix Founder Reed Hastings. This widely respected district leader and nationally renowned innovator offer passionate and contrasting views on what it will take to accomplish wider change in public education. An unexpected—and now famous—handshake between the two makes this a session that shouldn’t be missed. Read more

NewSchools Summit 2011 in video

NewSchools Summit 2011 led the conversation about what’s new and what’s next in education. More than 800 participants joined sessions including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, legendary venture capitalist John Doerr, and DC Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson, as well as Khan Academy’s Sal Khan, Netflix founder Reed Hastings, and former New York City Public Schools Chancellor Joel Klein. We’ll be releasing full-length video of Summit keynotes sessions in the weeks to come. […] Read more

Design Thinking at Summit 2011: Mindsets for Everyday Innovation

Stanford d.school‘s Rich Crandall and Adam Royalty led an energetic session introducing techniques of Design Thinking and led Summit participants in immediately apply them in an interactive session at this year’s Summit. There were varying levels of comfort with, and understanding of, design thinking, but with a strict, clear process and deliberate steps everyone produced something tangible. The process of design thinking involves 5 steps in a loop, Rich and Adam explained […] Read more