About Us

Our mission is to reimagine public education through powerful ideas, passionate educators and visionary innovators so all children — especially those in underserved communities — have the opportunity to succeed.

Reimagine Learning

We accelerate and strengthen the efforts of teams of educators and innovators who are making a positive difference in public education. We believe every young person should finish high school prepared and inspired to reach their most ambitious dreams and plans. It’s time to reimagine learning to help all students — especially those in underserved communities — succeed now and in the future. We meet this challenge with a rigorous investment strategy focused on impact, equity and innovation.

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Investment Area

Innovative Public Schools

We’re committed to supporting educators with bold new visions, and we know that the schools each community needs won’t look the same. We fund the design of new public schools — both district and charter. These schools help students develop a strong academic foundation along with the other mindsets, habits and skills they’ll need for success in life.

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Learning Solutions

School and school system leaders need access to instructional breakthroughs that make learning more equitable and effective. We fund innovative learning solutions — literacy tools and content, as well as whole-school models — that are rooted in equity and can power new levels of student success.

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Diverse Leaders

Diverse leadership matters. Yet, in a country where the majority of public school students are children of color, diversity in the field — among teachers, leaders and parent advocates — lags far behind. We invest in efforts to increase the number of Black and Latino educators and education leaders, ventures that serve as diversity, equity and inclusion capacity builders and work to mobilize parents to advocate for change.

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Racial Equity

True systemic change takes truly bold action. That’s why we offer “dream capital” to leaders of color who have ideas for addressing racial inequities in education. We are open to ambitious, early-stage ideas that advance racial equity. We don’t decide how to allocate funds; instead, we leave it up to parents, students and education innovators of color.

Our Model

As a national nonprofit, we raise charitable funds from donors and invest those funds to support teams of educators and innovators. We invest in people and new ideas with great potential for positive impact in four areas: innovative public schools, both district and charter; learning solutions that reinvent the student experience; organizations that advance Black and Latino leadership in education; and early-stage ideas outside our other investment areas that advance racial equity.

New Ideas for Today and Tomorrow

The call has never been more urgent to innovate — to bring new approaches and new organizations that will give every child a great chance in life. The genius to create an equitable education system already exists in our nation and in our communities, but these new ideas must have the support they need to grow. That’s why NewSchools goes beyond just offering funding. We engage our ventures as partners to help each organization reach its full potential for impact.

Our Team

The NewSchools team draws on extensive experience from across the education, business, policy and nonprofit sectors to help find, fund and support powerful ideas and passionate innovators. Our core values guide the work we do and how we do it.

Our History

NewSchools Venture Fund was created to enable a new type of capital market that could support the development of entrepreneurial ventures serving all children—especially those in underserved communities—within public education. Since 1998, we’ve invested nearly $345 million in over one thousand education innovators.


As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, we report our financials publicly every year.