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2011 Investing in Innovation (i3) competition announced

Here’s a bit of information on the newly announced 2011 round of the federal Investing in Innovation Fund, or i3. We’re thrilled that nine members of the NewSchools portfolio were winners last year, and want to make sure you have the information that will enable you to decide whether the fund is of interest to you this year. As background, the i3 Fund provides sizable awards to support the validation and expansion […] Read more

Guest Post: What’s smoking got to do with ed reform?

By Ellen Winn, Executive Vice President, 50CAN: The 50-State Campaign for Achievement Now Education advocacy is the hot item of the year. After years of focusing almost solely on educational practice and structure (and amassing a serious list of “what works”), there is consensus in our field that if we don’t get serious about removing political obstacles that stand in the way of implementing these proven strategies, we will never be able […] Read more

“Winning the Future.” Duh.

“Winning the future.” We know Charlie Sheen wants to (or is already), but suddenly President Obama wants in on the action too. With these words as his backdrop (see photo left!), the President recently spoke at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington, Virginia to call upon Congress to fix the federal No Child Left Behind education law – and before the next school year begins in the fall. Among other things, President Obama advocated […] Read more

Education for $1000, Alex

Two weeks ago, I caught 20 minutes of a Jeopardy! show featuring Skynet Watson, the trivia-loving artificial intelligence computer built by IBM. Squaring off against Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, the two alpha males of the human Jeopardy!-loving world, I watched with intrigue as Watson mercilessly chewed through questions (“answers”, technically) as the human “competitors” stood by helplessly. (In fact, they reminded me of the celebrity Jeopardy! contestants skewered on SNL.) Perhaps […] Read more

Why Your Government Matters

It’s not a schoolhouse rock segment (the song would be pretty lame), nor even a Civics class topic—it’s the question that NewSchools CEO Ted Mitchell will be addressing at tomorrow’s hearing of the US House Committee on Education and the Workforce on Thursday. Ted will be among one of four witnesses testifying about the crucial things that only the federal government can do in driving reform in the education for low-income children. He […] Read more

President Races Toward Education Innovation (and Lox) in State of the Union

Earlier tonight, President Obama delivered his second State of the Union address (technically, his first speech after being elected is considered a “Joint Address to Congress”). Luckily for those of us tasked with summarizing the SOTU’s relevance to education policy, a copy of the speech leaked early to National Journal, prompting the President to joke with Secretary Clinton, “I don’t need to give the speech, everyone’s already read it.”As expected, education featured […] Read more

School reform vs. school jobs? No.

Tucked away in a military spending bill in the House of Representatives is a false choice: saving jobs vs. education reform. The proposal, by Rep. Dave Obey (D-Wis), who chairs the House Appropriations Committee, came to light yesterday thanks to the considerable candlepower of Alyson Klein, half of the dynamic duo that covers federal education policy at Education Week. The measure is ostensibly aimed at finding $10 billion to save teacher jobs, […] Read more

Education in the post-NCLB era

Education reform has taken a subtle but sharp turn in recent years, notes Kevin Carey of Education Sector in a thoughtful, lengthy blog post: “When I began working on education policy full-time in the early 2000’s, the center of gravity in education reform sat with the coalition of civil rights advocates, business leaders, and reform-minded governors of both parties who pushed NCLB through Congress in 2001. To find that same hum of ideas and […] Read more

Braving a new policy world

If the entrepreneurial education movement was a person, what would it want to be when it grew up? This short video – which debuted at the NewSchools Summit 2010 a few weeks ago – tells the story of how this movement was born and raised, and the different ways we’ll all need to work together in the years ahead. NewSchools Summit 2010: A New Policy World from NewSchools Venture Fund on Vimeo. Read more

Breakout #1: District and State Partnership – Boon or Detriment for Entrpreneurship?

Resolved: Entrepreneurs and Systems must Partner to Achieve Widespread Improvement This afternoon, a spirited oxford-style debate took place to examine this resolution.  Under the direction of moderator Mashea Ashton, CEO of the Newark Charter School Fund, the panel examined whether partnerships with districts and states were necessary for the success of entrepreneurial education organizations and ideas.  Panelists discussed whether partnerships helped spur further innovation or whether they lead to reversion to the […] Read more