NewSchools is a nonprofit venture philanthropy firm working to transform public education for low-income children.

Through funding and guidance of entrepreneurial organizations, we aim to make sure every child receives an excellent education.


Our strategy

As a nonprofit venture philanthropy firm, we raise philanthropic capital and use those funds to support education entrepreneurs who are transforming public education.

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Our impact

We're working towards a future in which every child — regardless of race or socioeconomic status — has access to the exceptional schools, highly effective teachers, and cutting edge tools she needs to succeed in college and beyond.

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Our Funds

NewSchools invests in the most innovative, promising, early-stage entrepreneurial organizations creating innovative solutions to the problems in public education so that all children have the opportunity to succeed in college and beyond.

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Our Commitment to Diversifying Education

Many education reformers ask, “Why should we focus on closing the demographic gap between the children we serve and the leaders of the ed reform movement?” Our answer is simple. Research shows that diversity matters, and a sustainable education reform movement requires a community to participate in its own liberation to achieve the practice of freedom.

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NewSchools’ Strategy at a Glance

Over the past month, we have been sharing a couple of the pillars of our strategy going forward. The infographic below captures our vision, rationale and approach in a more visual way. We’re excited to share it, and even more excited about the work ahead. 

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Investing in Tools & Services that Support Innovative Schools

toolsandservicesimageOver the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing some information about our investment strategy at NewSchools. Here’s a bit more detail about how we will build a portfolio of investments in great tools and services that support innovative school models and enable their students and teachers to flourish. We are excited to work together with entrepreneurs and educators to increase the availability of effective tools and services that matter for learning.

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Redesigning Schools for
Today’s Students and Beyond

Stacey_Childress_Headshot_0017We are starting to see new school designs emerge that fundamentally rethink time, talent, and technology to create learning experiences that work better for students. Early evidence suggests that new school designs can accelerate learning gains for all students, especially those who are furthest behind. But there’s a long way to go to figure out which design choices and practices matter most, as well as how to gauge progress in other dimensions of student success. At NewSchools, we are ready to increase our support for teams who are building on and extending the initial design principles from the first wave of innovators. We will find and fund high-potential teams with innovative school designs, support their planning and implementation, and connect them to each other and to experts so they can get better faster.

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Diversifying Education:

Stories of Action

At this year’s Summit, 205 organizations, including NewSchools, committed to enhancing diversity in their leadership ranks. As we reflected on our stories of action, we realized how challenging the work can be and how much we all can benefit from sharing ideas, questions, steps taken and lessons learned with others in the field. We encourage you to browse our and other organization’s stories of action below and hope it will inspire you to submit your own. 

Do you have diversity work to share? Let us know using #DiversifyEd! Tweet #DiversifyEd

What action are you taking to enhance and improve diversity in your organization? Have an opinion, an idea or a question about what needs to happen to effectively diversify education leadership?

Share with us via twitter with #DiversifyEd, and please include a photo!


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