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pilotED Schools

pilotED School will be the first community school in a new charter organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It will eventually serve over 500 students in grades K-8th.

pilotED will prepare students and families from Indiana’s urban communities for success in their educational and professional careers. The school will strive to create a strong sense of self, agency, and academic competitiveness by focusing on the identity and narrative of each student and family. pilotED believes that school-aged children need to be afforded the opportunity to embrace their identity and the development of self-advocacy skills. These core principles will not only lead the school to the top, but lead forgotten voices to uncharted arenas and help underserved communities overcome generational cycles of poverty and academic failure.

pilotED scholars will be expected to lead what they learn. With small class sizes and learning “pods” located in each classroom, students will become “pod pilots” on a regular basis. This method consistently challenges and showcases students’ grit, reflection, and leadership skills. To bridge the gap between theory and practice, pilotED expects its students to venture into their communities on a regular basis to implement the skills they have acquired. This emphasis on student-driven learning and action will ensure that scholars can effectively manage and teach small and large groups long before they arrive in high school, and will help ensure generational shifts for years to come.