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Brooklyn STEAM Center

The Brooklyn STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) Center will be an innovative, diverse hub for career and technical education that prepares students to pursue and thrive in their future careers. The Center aims to more closely connect students to the future work environment, both to expose them to potential industry pathways and to give them greater competency in the set of professional skills that will help them be successful wherever they choose to study or work after high school. The model will allow eight high schools to share access to the STEAM Center, with participating students pursuing 2-year programs of rigorous academic coursework and job development training in high-potential fields during their junior and senior years. By the time they graduate, students will have an industry credential, a portfolio of authentic work, a network of professional contacts, proficiency across a set of “soft skill” competencies, and confirmed postsecondary next step. The Brooklyn STEAM Center is the the product of an innovative collaboration between the NYC Department of Education and the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a mission-driven non-profit industrial park.