Leo Bialis-White

Partner, Models and Services, Learning Solutions

Leo Bialis-White is a Partner at NewSchools Venture Fund. He co-leads the Learning Solutions team, which supports organizations that partner with schools to reimagine the student experience, particularly for Black, Latino, and low-income learners.

Prior to joining NewSchools, Leo served as Vice President of Customer Success and Chief of Staff for Schoolzilla, an education technology company. In addition, he has experience as a school psychologist, teacher, and research consultant spanning charters, traditional districts, and nonpublic schools. He has a PhD in Educational Psychology from UC Berkeley in addition to Psychology and Sociology degrees from the University of Georgia. He currently serves on the board of the Family Violence Law Center.

He lives in Portland Oregon with his wife and two boys. He enjoys trail running, longform journalism, and concerts that start at a reasonable hour.