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The NewSchools team draws on extensive experience from across the education, business, policy and nonprofit sectors to help find, fund and support teams of educators and innovators.

Jason Weeby

Jason Weeby


Jason is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at NewSchools Venture Fund where he guides the organization’s investment strategy and thought leadership efforts.

Prior to joining NewSchools Jason was a senior fellow at Bellwether Education Partners where he advised foundations, nonprofits, and government agencies on city-level education reform initiatives, governance, innovation, and talent. Before Bellwether, he spent six years with Education Pioneers leading local and national programs. He is an alumnus of the Pahara Institute’s NextGen fellowship and Education Pioneers.

Jason earned his master’s degree in education from Stanford University with a concentration in policy, organization, and leadership studies, and his bachelor’s degree in secondary education and environmental studies from Western Michigan University. Jason began his career serving youth as a treatment provider in a residential crisis unit and then as a middle school humanities teacher, both in Kalamazoo, Michigan.