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The NewSchools team draws on extensive experience from across the education, business, policy and nonprofit sectors to help find, fund and support teams of educators and innovators.

Deborah Grantham

Deborah Grantham

Senior Coordinator

Deborah Grantham is the Senior Coordinator with the Finance team at NewSchools Venture Fund, and is responsible for all NSVF payables, including invoices, credit cards, contracts and grants management.

Deborah brings over 20 years of administrative and project management experience in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Most of her experience was in higher education, with the balance coming from the printing and advertising display industries.

She received her B.A. in Anthropology from Cleveland State, and undertook advanced study in Landscape Architecture at UCLA. Deborah brings a visual perspective to the work and she is fascinated by cross-disciplinary research, especially by the ways in which land use and environmental issues are inextricably tied to socioeconomic issues.