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Live From Summit 2017: Making Ed Tech Companies More Diverse & Inclusive From Day One

This provocative session was led by Carolina Huaranca, Principal at Kapor Capital. Joining her as panelists were Anthony Heckman, Associate at Kapor Capital, Gabriel Moncayo, CEO & Co-founder at AlwaysHired, Lynzi Ziegenhagen, Founder and CEO at Schoolzilla, and Mike Teng, CEO at Swing Education.


The session discusses Diversity and Inclusion as a competitive advantage for organizations and how to prioritize Diversity and Inclusion from day one.

  • There is no silver bullet. Diversity and Inclusion requires a comprehensive suite of initiatives, ranging from tracking employee demographics, to mitigating bias in recruitment to creating an inclusive culture where employees bring their full selves to work. “Don’t do one thing and think you’re done,” said Lynzi Ziegenhagen.
  • The key is to make Diversity and Inclusion a priority from day one, to create a space for it, even if you don’t know exactly what to do. It is very difficult to do this work retroactively. And, Diveristy and Inclusion must start with the CEO.
  • At Kapor Capital, all entrepreneurs sign a Founders’ Commitment: They set Diversity & Inclusion goals, invest in Diversity & Inclusion resources, and volunteer with target users. Founders Commitment values are inclusive groups, comprehensive activities, accountability metrics.


There are many tech resources out there that can help organizations mitigate bias in the hiring process. helps you write job postings that will attract diverse candidates. allows job seekers to practice interviewing at tech companies, anonymously.

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