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Live From Summit 2017: Diversity in Education: The State of the Field

This data-driven, thought-provoking discussion was moderated by Frances Messano, Chief of Staff & Managing Partner at NewSchools Venture Fund. Joining her as panelists were Becky Crowe, Senior Adviser with Bellwether Education Partners and Xiomara Padamsee, a partner with Bellwether Education Partners in the Talent Services and Strategic Advising practice areas. The session examines the necessity of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in increasing overall staff satisfaction and accelerating organizational impact.

“Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is mostly symbolic”

All staff members are more likely to remain at an organization that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. Equity is where rubber meets the road. Organizations will only see an increase in equity,when they intentionally double down on diversity and inclusion. DEI systems and practices matter for everyone; DEI is a talent best practice.

Thoughts raised by session participants:

  • Diversity data that does not capture socio-economic data, is not complete reflection of the community being served.
  • The value of DEI will not be strongly felt until it is undeniably connected to impact/achievement data.
  • For organizations just beginning to do the work of living out DEI, progress will feel like going backwards – keep going.
  • The ecosystem is in need of practical ways of implementing DEI accountability metrics

The full report will be released June 2017 – preview the findings here and below.


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