What are the Big Questions for 2018?

Everyone likes to give their predictions at the start of a new year. And, while those prognostications are often fun and sometimes even accurate, our CEO Stacey Childress has a different idea. How about if we start by asking the right questions, instead? In a blog post out this morning, on Forbes.com, Stacey asks: “Which […]

A Prediction for the New Year – The Power of Innovative Schools

Late last year, with our CEO Stacey Childress, I co-authored a paper called “Reimagining Learning: A Big Bet on the Future of American Education.”  An overview of the report is posted on EdSurge, in a piece penned by Stacey. In it, the “Reimagining Learning” paper is framed as a prediction for the future of education […]

Live From Summit 2016: A Conversation with Nate Parker

Nate Parker lit up the crowd (and the Internet) with his provocative, challenging and uplifiting conversation with Carlos Watson of OZY Media.  Parker, the writer, producer and star of the upcoming film “Birth of a Nation,” won the Sundance Grand Jury prize in January for his film about Nat Turner, the black preacher who led […]

News Release – NewSchools Venture Fund Announces NewSchools Ignite, Accelerating EdTech Development To Address Specific Gaps in K-12 Education

NewSchools Venture Fund, a nonprofit venture philanthropy firm, today announced the launch of NewSchools Ignite, a uniquely focused education technology accelerator that will support entrepreneurs tackling the most pressing gaps in K-12 education technology. NewSchools Ignite will catalyze product growth in specific areas deemed crucial to teachers and students and where innovation is noticeably lagging. NewSchools Ignite’s first initiative, the Science Learning Challenge, is now open to companies and nonprofits building technologies that support students’ development of science and engineering skills. NewSchools Ignite will distribute up to $1.5 million in grants to up to 15 challenge winners building digital tools that enhance science learning. Individual grants will range from $50,000-$150,000, depending on product stage.

Live from Summit 2015: A Student’s Perspective on Next Gen Learning

Today at Summit, we shared “day in the life” videos featuring students in three next generation schools, and got a chance to hear from each of the three students directly.  Stacey Childress explored with them what’s special, what’s helpful, and what’s still evolving about these innovative school models, from their perspective.  The students were energizing, […]

Live from Summit 2015: Leveraging Teacher Insight in Ed Tech Design

Today at Summit 2015, Sara Allan from the Gates Foundation launched a new website, Teachers Know Best, which presents primary market research into teachers’ and students’ ed tech needs.  The site contains the summary results and underlying survey data from a K-12 ed tech market study and will serve as a platform to release future research studies.  Sara also […]

Summit Presenter Q&A with Kriste Dragon, CEO of Citizens of the World Charter Schools

Our annual NewSchools Summit is coming up in less than two weeks, on May 6.  Leading up to it, we’re featuring conversations with some of our exciting presenters.  Today we’ll hear from Kriste Dragon, co-founder and CEO of Citizens of the World Charter Schools.  After earning her law degree and then spending years working as a math teacher, professional development […]

Summit Presenter Q&A with Michael Petrilli, Fordham Institute

The NewSchools Summit is coming up on May 6, 2015. Leading up to it, we are featuring conversations with some of our exciting presenters.  Today we’re featuring Michael Petrilli, the president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and executive editor of Education Next.  At Summit, Michael will be moderating a session called […]

Camelback Fellows Announces New Class of 2015

At Camelback Ventures, our mission is to diversify the social innovation ecosystem by leveraging the genius of all people. To close the opportunity gap we need all talent—including underrepresented entrepreneurs. It is not just a moral imperative, but a strategy for change.  In March 2015, Camelback launched its first “official” class of Camelback Fellows. These […]