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NewSchools’ Strategy at a Glance

Over the past month, we have been sharing a couple of the pillars of our strategy going forward.  The infographic below captures our vision, rationale and approach in a more visual way.  We’re excited to share it, and even more excited about the work ahead.

A quick note: in addition to these strategic focus areas, we have a continuing commitment to diversify education leadership and to generate high quality school choices in Washington, DC.  In the coming weeks, we will share more about our plans there.

 Click the image below to enlargeNewSchools' Strategy at a Glance Infographic

2 Responses to “NewSchools’ Strategy at a Glance”

  1. Mark Lillquist

    I am interested in “Breaking the Grade level cohort Paradigm” It seems to be a hard one to break. Have there been any redesigns which DO NOT group students in traditional grade levels?

    • Meghan Amrofell

      Hi Mark, great question. A few models come to mind that incorporate multi-age grouping within a competency-based model:
      • Montessori for All
      • Acton Academy
      • AltSchool
      There are also others like New Classrooms, USC Hybrid High, Matchbook, Summit and others that largely retain traditional age-based cohorts but allow for competency-based progressions above and below the grade-level standards depending on the student needs.

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