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NewSchools Summit 2011: Sal Khan and Joel Klein

Technology has opened new ways for information—and lessons—to reach students. In a good-hearted and fast-moving conversation between Joel Klein, who recently left his post as Chancellor of the New York City schools to join News Corporation, and Sal Khan, author of more than 2,000 free, virally popular instructional videos, debate what the future of education will look like.

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  1. Sal Khan’s recorded lessons are clearly proven in providing homework help in math, and have the potential to revolutionize classroom learning in that subject and others which are currently lecture based and which have clearly demarcated paths which students can traverse at their own paces. Much of the rest of this is speculative, but I suppose that’s inevitable when the topic is the education of the future. If the speakers featured had more classroom experience, their credibility would be enhanced. For example, no one doubts that Larry Summers knows enough economics to teach it; but do he, Joel, or Sal have much experience managing large groups of live, potentially rebellious adolescents who don’t want to be forced to work through their lectures?

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