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Innovative schools working toward an expanded definition of student success require sophisticated tools and services to deliver personalized learning experiences to students and make best use of teachers’ time and talent.

Our Ed Tech team invests in promising for-profit and nonprofit entrepreneurs developing digital tools and services that support teaching and learning in PreK-12 schools. We support teams that are committed to collaborating with educators, students, technologists and researchers and that demonstrate the ability to grow sustainable and scalable solutions. We invest in two ways – market gap challenges and direct investments – to address the most critical high-need areas.

Over the next five years, and with a focus on 10 key market segments, NewSchools will invest in technologies that address the most pressing gaps in PreK-12 education.

NewSchools Ignite supports entrepreneurs working to address the most pressing gaps in K-12 education technology. To catalyze product growth in areas important to teachers and students where innovation is lagging, we run national challenges that mobilize entrepreneurs to bring their best ideas forward. We make grants to the most promising teams (for-profit and nonprofit) to advance their product roadmaps and test their solutions with teachers and students. We also provide grant recipients with targeted support and feedback from researchers, educators, investors and other experts. Since Summer 2015, we have launched six challenges:

Direct Investments

We make a limited number of grants outside of our challenge efforts to nonprofit entrepreneurs developing breakthrough tools and services that can strengthen the design and implementation of innovative school models and have the potential to achieve scale and sustainability.

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