A Closer Look

The Issue:

It can be challenging to effectively implement recommended instructional practices–such as formative assessment or personalized instruction–in ways that have a significant positive impact. Schools and teachers often lack the tools they need to collect and analyze data about their students’ learning, pinpoint needs, plan and deliver responsive instruction, and monitor progress.

The Innovation:

Larry Berger and Greg Gunn founded Wireless Generation based on a shared passion for technology and a vision of how it could transform education. Particularly at the intersection of assessment, curricula, and data, Wireless Generation’s innovations make it feasible for educators to do what research shows to work best. These solutions are working at scale within thousands of districts.

The Result:

Wireless Generation now reaches more than 200,000 educators and three million students in all 50 states. It is a leading provider of assessment software, reporting, and data analysis tools; personalized curricula; professional services; data systems; and technology consulting for PreK-12 education.

How NewSchools Helped:

NewSchools helped Wireless Generation connect and network with organizations in the NewSchools portfolio, leading to the development of a scalable solution to address a shared need. Specifically, Achievement First and other organizations are providing feedback to Wireless Generation during the creation of a “next generation” formative assessment platform that supports educators working in many different kinds of school environments – thus eliminating the need for self-built, site by site solutions. “Wireless Generation is fortunate to be part of the NewSchools ecosystem,” said Larry Berger. “NewSchools is wholly committed to providing all kinds of support to organizations in its portfolio, including facilitating opportunities for cross-pollination. That’s the kind of creative collaboration from which major innovation can emerge.”

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