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Tynker’s mission is to teach every child computational thinking and programming skills in a fun and imaginative way. Unlike traditional syntax-driven code, Tynker’s innovative visual programming language and Web-based learning environment make it easy for children in the younger grades to learn programming concepts without dealing with the frustration of syntax. Tynker’s programming curriculum starts at elementary school, and goes all the way up to high school to prepare children for 21st century degrees and careers.  

While on Tynker, kids learn by doing – they solve interactive puzzles, create stories, build mini-games, and make mobile apps – while learning and applying skills they pick up on the way: design conception, pattern recognition, algorithmic thinking, and problem solving.  Tynker is committed to making programming fun by connecting the Open Web with visual mobile, hardware and robotic programming in fun and interesting ways.

Krishna Vedati, Srinivas Mandyam, Kelvin Chong
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