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Excel Academy Charter Schools

Excel Academy Charter Schools—a network of tuition free, public middle schools serving East Boston, Chelsea, and the surrounding communities—was  conceived to address the severe academic underperformance and low college matriculation rates of the student populations in these neighborhoods. We envisioned a free, public school alternative where all students would be held to the highest academic and behavioral expectations and college would become a realistic goal. The network’s first school opened in fall 2003 to 100 6thgrade students, and now serves 212 young scholars, grades 5 through 8. Excel Academy-Chelsea, the 2nd school in the network, opened this fall to 56 eager 5th graders. The network’s mission is to prepare students to succeed in high school and college, apply their learning to solve relevant problems, and engage productively in their communities. Excel has achieved outstanding results and has become an education destination for families seeking a better future for their children.   With the passage of the recent education reform law in Massachusetts, Excel has announced its intent to expand its reach through replication in the Boston area.

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