The Learning to Teach Fund seeks to transform teacher preparation in the US by connecting it to outstanding real world practice and by holding programs and individuals more accountable for their impact on student achievement. We intend to empower districts and charters by making available teachers who have been through preparation programs with rigorous standards for program entry and completion.

Transforming Teacher Preparation

The quality of a child’s teacher is the single most important school-based factor in his or her education. With several good teachers in a row, a child can overcome the effects of poverty. Yet our schools of education struggle to prepare teachers that excel in today’s classrooms. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has called for a “sea change” in teacher preparation. At NewSchools Venture Fund, we see an unprecedented opportunity to transform teacher preparation by creating new models, new tools, new organizations, and a new market for talent.

Learning to Teach Fund is a $5.3 million fund, spanning 2013-2015. We will use a three-pronged approach to achieve our aims:

  • Invest – We invest in approximately eight early stage entrepreneurial organizations that prepare effective early-career teachers in approximately four organizations that provide turnkey solutions to significant teacher preparation challenges.

  • Convene – We bring together practitioners, researchers, school system leaders, and funders focused on transforming teacher training at scale.

  • Advocate – We advocate for state and federal policies vital to the growth of high-quality teacher preparation programs – both independent programs and higher education institutions.

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