NewSchools believes that delivering excellent education to America’s children requires flourishing entrepreneurial eco-systems characterized by abundant new ideas and organizations, rampant experimentation, the free exchange of knowledge and ample capital from multiple sources. We know there is no silver bullet for transforming public education or producing great outcomes for underserved students, but at any given moment, there are excellent opportunities to drive change through entrepreneurship. Our funds are designed to seize those opportunities on behalf of underserved students.

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Innovative Schools

Our Innovative Schools portfolio aims to create 100,000 seats through the redesign of existing and/or launch of new school models across the US. Through pilot and whole school design challenges, we will create opportunities for bold teams of entrepreneurial educators to reimagine learning and redesign schools.

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Tools & Services

NewSchools’ Tools & Services portfolio makes grants to promising for-profit and nonprofit teams to advance the development of tools and services that serve the needs of innovative schools.  We invest primarily through national challenges as well as occasional grants to nonprofit entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas that have the potential to achieve scale and sustainability.

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The Learning to Teach Fund

The NewSchools Learning to Teach Fund seeks to transform teacher preparation in the US by connecting it to outstanding real world practice and by holding programs and individuals more accountable for their impact on student achievement.

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The DC Schools Fund

NewSchools’ DC Schools Fund II’s (DCSF II) goal is to double the capacity of the charter sector in DC and catalyze a shift in the market towards 50% quality charter seats. That means creating 7,500 new high quality charter school seats while closing 5,000 low- and mid-performing seats.

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