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Kaya Henderson and Reed Hastings at Summit 2011

In what many attendees considered the highlight of NewSchools Summit 2011, Carlos Watson moderates the closing keynote discussion between D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson and Netflix Founder Reed Hastings. This widely respected district leader and nationally renowned innovator offer passionate and contrasting views on what it will take to accomplish wider change in public education. An unexpected—and now famous—handshake between the two makes this a session that shouldn’t be missed.

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  1. Both of these leaders should show interest in our school model, which could serve to found a charter management organization that could reform secondary education in the right school district. We envision comprehensive middle schools leading to the families of students choosing between college-preparatory upper secondary education and modernized vocational (career and technical) education, a system fundamentally similar to Germany’s dual system, with the main difference being that the choice is made later and by the families (this makes it more accurately resemble Finland’s system).

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