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Finding your perfect match can be a grueling experience. Many people on the hunt for their significant other have gone to great lengths to increase their odds of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right, using all available tools in their hunt. They’ll scour OK Cupid or for apposite partners, use Yelp to find the perfect first date dinner spot, and maybe even use an app for fashion recommendations on what to wear.

For potential startup founders, finding the right cofounder, with the complementary skills needed to round out a startup team’s expertise, can be every bit as critical as finding a life partner. This is especially true in the education space, where connecting current and past educators with tech-savvy entrepreneurs is key to developing organizations and tools that efficiently address the challenges in today’s classrooms.

That’s why we’re so jazzed to be sponsoring a FounderDating: Education. FounderDating allows potential founders to find and audition one another in a manner similar to many online dating sites. They have shown a commitment to having a balance of technical founders and founders with deep industry expertise (read teachers and school leaders).

One of the biggest challenges aspiring education entrepreneurs face is attracting seed and angel investments—often because these early stage ventures lack a complete team. FounderDating addresses this in an exciting way. We believe focusing on pairing great co-founders with diverse skill sets will benefit the K-12 education sector in innumerable ways; making it more robust, innovative, and collaborative.

If you’d like to participate in FounderDating: Education, apply now. Applications are due by September 4. 

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  1. This sounds very intriguing. Before I pursue this opportunity I need to make sure it is a good fit. Can EDWorks join as a venture partner?

    EDWorks is a school development and turnaround organization that partners with schools, districts, states, founders and higher education to build capacity and provide effective, long-term solutions. EDWorks offers three school design approaches: New Start interest-based academies, Fast Track early college high schools and K-12 STEMLab. Their approach has been field tested in more than 50 districts across eight states.

    We are very interested in collaborating with founders to help them achieve their goals. Is Founders Dating: Education a place for us to network?

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