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NewSchools Venture Fund to address shortage of ed-tech capital

Selling technology to schools is still a formidable task, but it’s a far less expensive and extended process than it used to be.And because of this friendlier climate, we’re seeing the second wave of education technology tools and a surge in interest from businesspeople and entrepreneurs. But the education field only received 1 percent of venture capital funding between 1995 and 2011 — and educational startups still face a critical shortage of resources.Oakland, Calif.-based NewSchools […] Read more

NewSchools & New Tools: PD, Games & MOOCs

Tom Friedman summed up what we saw as a major theme of the conference by saying “With edtech, don’t lose focus on what matters most – great teachers.” This theme seemed to be echoed in the sessions our team attended and hallway conversations. Even superstar teachers, with higher pay, lots of support and admins that care still struggle with what seems like an impossible job. Its time to improve the condition and […] Read more

Zynga To Launch Learning Games Accelerator will spend $1 Million and partner with NewSchools Venture Fund to create an accelerator that focuses on edtech and learning is Zynga Inc.’s nonprofit organization that is “dedicated to inspiring people to live, play and learn through social games.” They aim to get gamers involved in social issues through “content and campaigns” within casual games.The NewSchools Venture Fund is a “philanthropy firm working to transform public education for low-income children” […] Read more

Embracing education change: Summit in Burlingame focuses on standards, school needs

Forty-five states have joined together on a vision of shared standards called the Common Core, an idea that will embrace collaboration, technology and sharing on a scale never before seen in U.S. education. Change can be challenging though. For teachers, it will require a new way of looking at curriculum, even if Shakespeare is still an author to be studied. For students, it will mean focusing more on critical thinking and problem […] Read more

Education in a Defined Benefits World

“Education is the number one issue where ever you go,” said Tom Friedman to Ted Mitchell in the #NSVFSummit opening.“We left a ‘defined benefits’ world where workers retired with a pension, and we’ve moved into a ‘defined contributions’ world,” said Friedman, “where it’s your responsibility to open an account, make the money, and develop the competencies you need to learn and thrive.” (See Freidman’s NYT column yesterday.)Author of That Used To Be Us, Friedman […] Read more

Zynga and NewSchools Venture Fund create accelerator for educational gaming startups

Ed tech entrepreneurs are getting yet another startup accelerator to choose from, but this one has a very specific focus: gaming.At the NewSchools Summit on Wednesday, social gaming giant Zynga and NewSchools Venture Fund said they are partnering up for an entrepreneurship program to support startups developing learning games and apps.Zynga will host the startups at its San Francisco office, where they’ll be able tointeract with game designers and product managers, and, the company’s nonprofit arm, has […] Read more

Zynga & NewSchools team up to launch an accelerator for educational gaming startups

BURLINGAME, CA.: Zynga founder and CEO Mark Pincus just announced that the gaming giant is launching a learning accelerator for gaming startups.Pincus took to the stage this afternoon at the NewSchools Venture Summit, a major ed-tech conference. He revealed that Zynga will offer startups “innovating around games and the classroom” access to office space, game designers and product managers.The accelerator has already lined up several companies to participate, including Kidaptive, LocoMotiveLabs, and Motion Math. Social […] Read more

Zynga, NewSchools partner to build accelerator for ed-tech games

A new high-profile partnership is helping creating social games for social, the philanthropic arm of gaming company Zynga, has partnered with NewSchools Venture Fund to create a new learning games accelerator program that aims to help companies build games and apps that contribute to education in the tech space.Zynga is pouring in $1 million to fund the project in its first year. It will also be donating space in its San Francisco headquarters, […] Read more

Zynga to Give Education-Tech Startups a Boost

Zynga wants kids to play more games in class.The San Francisco-game company’s non-profit,, plans to announce Wednesday that it is investing $1 million in a new program to help technology startups build games to help children learn. It has selected an initial handful of startups to join an accelerator this summer at its offices and will supply Zynga employees to help improve their products.Zynga’s non-profit is partnering with NewSchools Venture Fund, […] Read more

Laurene Powell Jobs Engages Education Secretary Arne Duncan On School Reform, Immigration Legislation

Recently, the very private Laurene Powell Jobs has become a more vocal figure. Last month, she made her first televised appearance since the death of her husband, Apple AAPL cofounder Steve Jobs, pushing for immigration reform in a discussion with NBC’s Brian Williams. That was followed by an interview with Bloomberg Radio to garner exposure for an immigration reform bill that would, among other things, give the children of undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship.On Wednesday, she seemed happy to defer the […] Read more