After deciding to make an investment, we engage deeply as partners with our ventures, providing extensive support as they build their organizational capacity. We take an active role with each venture in our portfolio through:

  • Board Membership: As board members, NewSchools team members regularly engage in strategic guidance, oversight of venture operations and outcomes, and project-specific support. Our ongoing, active presence on a venture’s board enables us to stay connected with an organization’s issues and needs.
  • Communities of Practice: NewSchools convenes our portfolio members several times a year, enabling entrepreneurs to share knowledge from practice. These Community of Practice gatherings establish relationships between entrepreneurs that they use to make their work stronger.
  • Monitoring and Measurement: We share our framework for annual goal setting and monitoring with our ventures and expect them to institute rigorous objectives and results targets within their organizations. These well-defined metrics also help us assess the success of our portfolio organizations and identify any areas for intervention or greater support.
  • Milestone Management and Reporting Process: NewSchools disburses funds based on ventures’ achievement of specific milestones, typically the most critical objectives. Milestone management enables us to hold ventures accountable for their results.
  • Other Support As Needed: Our management assistance model allows us to provide necessary support in a flexible way. Examples include strategic planning, fundraising support, academic support, team searches, and evaluation planning.

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