NewSchools plays an important role in connecting our entrepreneurs’ work to the broader landscape of public education reform. By connecting people and sharing knowledge – both within our portfolio and with other stakeholders – NewSchools is building a movement to accelerate change for underserved students in public schools.

We do this by:

  • Connecting thought leaders: To empower and connect our education entrepreneurs with each other, NewSchools regularly convenes these practitioners in person and online, helping them to build relationships and share knowledge, best practices and tools.
  • Developing and Sharing Knowledge: By capturing and sharing the lessons learned by NewSchools in its work with entrepreneurs, we inform effective educational practice within and beyond our portfolio of ventures.
  • Developing Partnerships to Support Entrepreneurs: NewSchools partners with influential organizations to sponsor entrepreneurial fellowship programs.
  • Pursuing a Policy Agenda: In coordination with the entrepreneurial community, NewSchools advocates for policies that increase opportunities for innovative education entrepreneurs in our areas of investment.

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