Our Model

An Excellent Education for Every Child

We are working to create a future in which every child, regardless of race or economic status, has access to the resources he or she needs to succeed in college and beyond.

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Diligence and Investment

We rigorously screen ventures, and then invest in those with the greatest potential to change students’ lives.

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Management Assistance and Support

We engage deeply as a partner with ventures as they grow to sustainability and scale.

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Knowledge Sharing and Policy

We connect entrepreneurs to each other, help them share excellent practice, and advocate for policies that support their work, amplifying their impact as a community of innovators.

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Our Mission

NewSchools is committed to transforming public education through powerful ideas and passionate entrepreneurs so that all children — especially those in underserved communities — have the opportunity to succeed.

Our Model

As a nonprofit venture philanthropy firm, we raise philanthropic capital from both individual and institutional investors, and then use those funds to support education entrepreneurs who are transforming public education.

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