What are education entrepreneurs?

Education entrepreneurs are innovative leaders driven by a bold vision of universal educational opportunity. They create brand new nonprofit and for-profit organizations designed to impact students’ lives – by promoting academic achievement and acting as catalysts for system-wide change.

What is a venture philanthropy fund?

Venture philanthropy uses concepts from a traditional venture capital model, but defines success as social impact rather than financial return. NewSchools raises philanthropic capital from individual and institutional donors, then invests these funds to support organizations that are aligned with our mission.

How does NewSchools add value?

NewSchools supports the early stage growth of nascent ideas in which we believe. We offer strategic guidance as members of our ventures’ boards, encouraging thoughtful partnerships and facilitating connections to potential customers. We also bring these leaders together and allow them to learn from one another’s experiences. Emergent insights from our convenings inform both our future investments and policy work.

How does NewSchools measure success?

NewSchools’ work is aimed at increasing the number of low-income students who graduate from college. When we invest in an organization, we work with its leadership to set concrete milestones that indicate progress toward this outcome. In addition to direct impact, we select ventures that are both scalable and financially sustainable, so that a high-quality education can be extended to a greater number of children over time.

Is my idea a good fit for NewSchools Venture Fund?

NewSchools considers both nonprofit and for-profit ventures for funding. We exclusively invest in early-stage entrepreneurial organizations with the potential to produce significant, measurable outcomes for underserved students in the United States K-12 public education system. Potential ventures must also be scalable (able to expand its reach over time), be sustainable (capable of lasting impact), clearly benefit from NewSchools’ participation, and fit into our current investment strategy.

How do I submit an idea for funding from NewSchools?

We accept idea submissions year-round for both nonprofit and for-profit ventures. To be considered for funding, please click here to submit your idea. You can expect to hear back from NewSchools regarding next steps in about two weeks.