The New York Times’ 3rd Annual Schools for Tomorrow

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The New York Times’s third annual “Schools for Tomorrow” conference will focus on the business of virtual higher education, with invited innovators in tech, policy makers and higher education experts coming together for the conference on Sept. 17 at TheTimesCenter. Sal Khan, founder of the renowned non-profit Khan Academy, will give a keynote, and joining him as speakers at the conference are Daphne Koller, co-founder of the online education platform Coursera, and Anant Agarwal, president of edX, an online education initiative of MIT and Harvard University. 

These leaders in creating networks for accessible, quality online education will invite attendees to experience the next wave of innovations in global online higher education. Workshop and discussion topics include:

  • Personalizing education to adapt to each student’s learning methods;
  • Lobbying effectively for policy changes that lead to a “knowledge society;”
  • Motivating and inspiring students through online education;
  • Learning about next-generation assessment techniques and teaching models;
  • Integrating social learning;
  • Focusing attention away from the physical characteristics of how/when/where learning occurs;
  • Working with stakeholders to encourage buy-in and acceptance of new education models.

Schools for Tomorrow is one of a series of conferences from The New York Times, which focus on areas of emerging business and critical issues for an interconnected, global economy. The Times curates both speakers and audience to encourage balanced, honest, open debate.

Breakfast Panel: Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Technology is giving educators and students more tools to promote the exchange of ideas and expertise. That exchange is key to improved knowledge and empowerment, but without a level playing field, equal access and the right tools, we will never take full advantage of the opportunity to connect. Panelists will discuss the knowledge gap and how new technologies and motivated citizens are bridging that gap to support formal education as well as lifelong learning.

  • Moderated by John Merrow, Education Correspondent, PBS NewsHour
  • Aditya Bhasin, consumer marketing, analytics and digital banking executive, Bank of America
  • Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware
  • Ted Mitchell, President and C.E.O., NewSchools Venture Fund
  • Jennifer Tescher, President and C.E.O., The Center for Financial Services Innovation
  • Joanne Weiss, Former Chief of Staff to the Secretary, U.S. Department of Education