SXSW V2Venture Las Vegas 2013



Startups, Innovators & You. SXSW V2V offers entrepreneurs from across all creative industries a space to learn the skills, make the connections and find the inspiration to take their ideas and talents to the next level. Join over 1500 thought leaders for this first-ever SXSW event in Las Vegas.

The Judging Process

The judging panel will consist of one emcee, Tim Chang, and three industry expert judges for each category. Each of the finalists will have two minutes to present. The proceeding seven minutes, the three judges and emcee will provide constructive criticism to assist these finalists in their business planning, technology development, sales, and marketing. A winner will be chosen in each category and announced at the Closing Ceremony at the end of the day. We have an awesome line up of expert judges to review the companies facing off at V2Venture!

Associate Partner Shauntel Poulson will serve as a judge.

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