GFE 2011 Annual Conference

Grantmakers for Education’s annual conference brings together education donors so that they can achieve greater impact by coordinating and collaborating with other funders. 

NewSchools CEO Ted Mitchell will join Elizabeth Purvis, excutive director of the Chicago International Charter School; Joel Rose, co-founder of New Classrooms; and Anthony Kim, founder of Ed Elements in a session titled “Entrepreneurial Solutions to Personalize Learning.”

Session Description:

The rise of blended learning (combining the best of technology and traditional schooling) has forced educational leaders throughout the country to re-think traditional definitions of teacher-student engagement, focusing less on measures such as student-to-teacher ratio and more on the amount of high-quality, differentiated instruction and individualized learning a child experiences each day. Join us for an interactive “solutions village” showcasing three methods for integrating blended learning into existing schools, and join a conversation about the implications of the use of technology on the learning environments of tomorrow.