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Celebrating STEM Standouts in Boston: The Akamai Scholars Program

Tuesday was a special day in Boston.  NewSchools, in partnership with Akamai, held its annual Akamai Scholars Program to honor top 8th grade STEM scholars in high-quality charter school networks citywide.  The 12 students represent six growing charter networks in Boston that have been supported by NewSchools: Brooke Charter Schools, Excel Academy Charter Schools, KIPP Massachusetts, Match Education, Roxbury Preparatory Charter School, and UP Education Network.These STEM scholars are impressive.  They regularly […] Read more

Summit 2015: Brené Brown Delves Deeper in Q&A

In Brené Brown’s opening plenary talk at Summit 2015, she explained how the findings from her research into vulnerability, courage, and worthiness present an opportunity for educators to help students experience emotion fully and acquire the strength of character they need to address challenges. In the hour-long Q&A session following her talk, Brené delved deeper into questions of how teachers, administrators and school designers can build a culture of vulnerability in schools.The session was standing room only, […] Read more

OneGoal: Taking intentional steps to strengthen our approach to staff diversity + inclusion

Since 2012, we increased staff diversity at OneGoal from 13% to 38%. By the end of 2015 we will broaden our pipeline to increase diversity in our candidate pool, and establish org-wide diversity and inclusiveness strategies.We seek to ensure that every student, regardless of background, has a legitimate opportunity to be successful. OneGoal’s focus on inclusion will allow us to authentically and strategically leverage differences in order to model what is possible […] Read more

Summit 2015: Ben Jealous Challenges us to Build ‘Uncomfortable’ Coalitions and Dream Big

Ben Jealous, partner at Kapor Capital and former President & CEO of the NAACP, closed the NewSchools 2015 summit with a powerful call to action: to build ‘uncomfortable’ coalitions and dream big.Ben joined us after spending the last week in Baltimore—a city where his family has roots for over 80 years—where he was conducting non-violent, civil disobedience training with students. Descending from a long line of activists, Ben has built on the […] Read more

Live from Summit 2015: Expanding Our Definition of Student Success

This week at Summit, we had the opportunity to explore a topic near and dear to my heart — expanding the definition of student success. I firmly believe that all children must develop strong literacy and numeracy skills. We simply must ensure that our students graduate with that critical foundation. But it’s also important to acknowledge that those skills alone will not prepare them for their most ambitious dreams and plans. “We have […] Read more

Live from Summit 2015: A Student’s Perspective on Next Gen Learning

Today at Summit, we shared “day in the life” videos featuring students in three next generation schools, and got a chance to hear from each of the three students directly.  Stacey Childress explored with them what’s special, what’s helpful, and what’s still evolving about these innovative school models, from their perspective.  The students were energizing, articulate, and inspiring.We’re delighted to share the videos with you here:Day in the Life – Edgar of […] Read more

Live from Summit 2015: Opening Plenary Session with Brené Brown

Those seeking change in our education system have never been more ready for someone like Brené Brown, and Brené just might have the secret sauce.  As Summit’s Opening Plenary speaker, Brené got to the heart of what needs to happen to shift the way we run our school systems and teach our children. In one word, it is vulnerability.  With over a decade of research, Brené demonstrates a talent for combining evidence […] Read more

Live from Summit 2015: Leveraging Teacher Insight in Ed Tech Design

Today at Summit 2015, Sara Allan from the Gates Foundation launched a new website, Teachers Know Best, which presents primary market research into teachers’ and students’ ed tech needs.  The site contains the summary results and underlying survey data from a K-12 ed tech market study and will serve as a platform to release future research studies.  Sara also previewed some upcoming research into teachers’ needs for additional tools to integrate the information from multiple sources […] Read more

Announcing Summit 2015 Closing Speaker: Ben Jealous

NewSchools Summit 2015 is just a couple of days away! I’ve been to many Summits over the years, but this is my first since I joined the organization as CEO last summer. I am really looking forward to it.Over the last few years, the NewSchools team has tried to identify big issues that many people in the field are already talking about quietly with close colleagues, and then design plenary sessions and […] Read more

Everything You Need to Know for Summit 2015

Summit 2015 is almost here! The NewSchools Summit team is working around the clock to ensure a great experience for you. In anticipation of your visit, we’ve compiled some practical advice for making your way through the day.REGISTRATIONYou’ll need your name tag to get into sessions and social events. Come get yours at the registration area (2nd floor at the top of the escalator) during these times:May 4: 7:00 pm -10:00 pm […] Read more