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Bill Clinton takes on innovation in education at KIPP’s Summit

Bill Clinton’s best speeches invariably are the ones where he travels easily and expertly between disciplines and fields of ideas. On Thursday, Clinton gave one of those stunners, at the KIPP School Summit in Orlando, Florida. KSS, as it’s typically called, brings together thousands of teachers from throughout KIPP—the biggest high-performing charter network in the country focused on underserved kids—along with a sprinkling of board members, advocates, funders, and others. It’s part professional […] Read more

Grit to Graduate, part 2: Character Education

In certain circles of ed reform, the famed marshmallow experiment by Walter Mischel at Stanford in the 1960’s is cited frequently enough to turn summer s’mores into psychological artifacts. The gist of the study? A pre-school-aged child is given a marshmallow and told, “you can eat that one now, but if you wait until I come back you can have two”. No guarantees of when that might be, or what to do […] Read more