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Who’s an Education Entrepreneur?

Jason Tomassini, a talented scribe who’s just joined the ink-stained ranks at Ed Week, alerted those of us who were asleep last weekend to a “spat” between Diane Ravitch, the education historian with the itchy Twitter finger, and Justin Hamilton, spokesman for the US Department of Ed. In the dustup, a mostly honorable group got sullied; herewith, a few words of defense.As Tomassini details, the trouble begins with this gauntlet Ravitch throws […] Read more

Guest Post: Breaking out of the echo chamber

In the days that have passed since touching down from the Summit, I keep thumbing through the dog-eared pages of my Moleskin notebook to try to surface more “lessons learned” for colleagues that missed the opportunity.     Somewhere between three pages of notes from Howard Fuller (starting with a hastily scribbled, “this is a street fight, not a debate) and ending somewhere around “owing students a school system worthy of their  future,” […] Read more

Summit 2012 News Highlights

Summit 2012 was a day full of inspiring content, honest self-examination, and many constructive conversations. Many Summit attendees were moved to document the day. Here’s a roundup of some of the highlights:A Simple List to Improve Public Education, Joseph DiSalvoNew And Notable At NewSchools 2012, Alexander RussoGetting Smart coverage of NewSchools Summit, Getting SmartAt Summit, A Rallying Cry (Or Echo Chamber?) for New Kind of Reform, Education WeekIs There Really a Movement?, […] Read more

Education > Poverty

You might not recognize the names of the headliners at Summit 2012. No, I’m not referring to Howard Fuller, Roland Fryer, or even Rahm Emanuel. I’m talking about Donaldo, Juan, Paris, and Javon: students whose stories were featured throughout the day in video, photographs, and the written word.These students, like nearly 15 million other US children, are growing up in households with incomes at or below the federal poverty level. Often, their […] Read more

Summit 2012 Video: Disruption and the Public Good

Entrepreneurs have brought disruptive innovation not just to private enterprise, but to areas of public good from energy to medicine with major benefits to the public. Yet education has been slow to learn from the work of entrepreneurs in other sectors. Extraordinary entrepreneurs focused on key areas of public good, health care, green energy, and food and nutrition share their stories, lessons, and advice. Read more

Live from Summit 2012: Looking to the Future

Today’s final session drew our Summit to a close with a discussion on the prospects for change that will benefit the education of America’s 15 million low-income children. Ted Mitchell, New Schools Venture Fund CEO, began by encouraging everyone to consider the ideas shared in the discussions throughout the day. Laurene Powell Jobs, Emerson Collective and NewSchools Venture Fund Board Member, interviewed the City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.Mayor Emanuel told the […] Read more

Live from Summit 2012: The View from the Other Side – Entrepreneurs Running Systems

Numerous leaders with backgrounds in entrepreneurial organizations have gone on to lead large traditional school systems. This afternoon’s panel asked current superintendents how their previous experience has informed their views as public school district leaders? Jim Blew, of the Walton Family Foundation, moderated a panel with leaders from three public school systems. Cami Anderson, of Newark Public Schools, was involved in the Teach for America (TFA) program early in her career. Now that […] Read more

Live From Summit 2012: Race to the Top – Are We Closer to the Finish Line?

It has been two years since Race to the Top launched, and this afternoon’s lunch panel, hosted by NBC News’s Rehema Ellis, discussed how far we have come, and what obstacles remain.Ellis started off by asking Joanne Weiss, of the U.S. Department of Education, if she felt Race to the Top is the defining program that’s going to make a difference to the 15 million children living in poverty.Weiss stressed that “There […] Read more

Live From Summit 2012: Building Better New Teachers

What does excellent teacher training look like?More and more, charter organizations and districts are training their own teachers. Pioneers in the field joined a panel to provide insight on creating and running teacher preparation programs.One major topic was “What does success look like?” Michael Goldstein of Boston’s MATCH Education responded that MATCH starts by asking the question “Will people want to hire your graduate?” This market demand type information can help inform […] Read more