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New Video Series Celebrates Education Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are a special breed; they’re tenacious, imaginative risk-takers willing to work hard to see their ideas become reality. They draw on diverse experiences to generate breakthrough ideas that disrupt the status quo. And they’re bringing the same transformative impact to public education as they have in the fields of medicine, technology and science.That’s why over the next five weeks we’re celebrating education entrepreneurs in a new video series, NewSchools Presents: Education […] Read more

Investing in Innovation (i3) Foundation Registry

The application deadline for Department of Education Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund grants has passed (it was August 2 this year). But here’s a helpful website for organizations seeking matching foundation funds for their grants: the Foundation Registry i3, at http://foundationregistryi3.org/. This website was created as a resource for organizations pursuing i3 funding.  It was set up by a group of leading foundations to simplify the process for organizations seeking the private matching funds […] Read more

Why we need GREAT colleges of education

As readers of this blog and my small-but-slowly-growing Twitter followers know, this past June Senator Michael Bennet introduced the GREAT Teachers and Principals Act, S. 1250. I haven’t stopped talking about the bill since, so I’m happy to finally be blogging this time about…well, still about GREAT! Specifically, I’d like to take a moment to explain and clarify some confusion that seems to have arisen around the interrelation between the GREAT Act and […] Read more