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Early Bird Catches the Worm

With Summit 2011 two months away, we’d like to remind all invited guests to register before this early-bird (seagull!) special flies away on March 25th!  This year’s Summit offers participants  more opportunities to connect one-on-one and in small groups. That’s just one of the ways Summit 2011 will look different from past events.  Here are a few of the new formats on tap for May 18: Inside the Entrepreneur’s Studio. Entrepreneurs are […] Read more

The Chief of Yelp Talks to the EdTech Cohort

Tonight the TFA-NewSchools EdTech cohort spent a great evening with Jeremy Stoppelman, the CEO and co-founder of Yelp at their hip HQs in downtown San Francisco talking about entrepreneurship, Jeremy’s road from PayPal to HBS to Yelp, and the books he is reading about education these days.  Some interesting thoughts on life as an entrepreneur: Follow your passion: If you don’t love the idea, chances are it won’t stick Learn to pivot: Be flexible […] Read more

“Winning the Future.” Duh.

“Winning the future.” We know Charlie Sheen wants to (or is already), but suddenly President Obama wants in on the action too. With these words as his backdrop (see photo left!), the President recently spoke at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington, Virginia to call upon Congress to fix the federal No Child Left Behind education law – and before the next school year begins in the fall. Among other things, President Obama advocated […] Read more

Hybrid and Blended Learning: The Next Sentence in the Conversation

Hybrid schooling, and its close cousin blended learning, come up quickly and often in education reform conversations. The question is, what’s the third or fourth sentence in the conversation? There’s plenty of interest in the idea of blending face-to-face learning—what most of us of voting age know simply as “school”—with online education. (This is more sophisticated than mere online course-taking, which millions of kids are doing—it’s actually integrating online content into a […] Read more

For Profit, For Good?

When starting a new venture, one of the first questions that education entrepreneurs wrestle with is the legal structure.  There are no hard fast rules to determine legal structure – it depends on your goals, as Jim Fruchterman so nicely lays out in the Stanford Social Review article “For Love or Lucre.”  Once upon a time, starting a for-profit education company might raise suspicions about your motives for doing good—now, that’s less […] Read more