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More video: supercharging student achievement

In this final set of videos from the NewSchools Summit 2010, speakers at the Community of Practice event — held the day before the Summit with a smaller set of about 200 entrepreneurs and other practitioners — talked about the power of technology to help close the achievement gap. In the morning, participants heard about entrepreneurial efforts like School of One (a NewSchools grantee) and the Quest to Learn “school for digital […] Read more

NewSchools Community of Practice 2010 Session Overview and Video: Making Innovation Happen

Session Description: “Innovation generally does not emerge from a visionary individual holed up in a laboratory,” argues NewSchools co-founder Kim Smith in a recent paper. “A wide variety of stakeholders need to play a role and be effectively interconnected in an innovation ecosystem or cycle.” Discussants engaged in a lively conversation focused on putting innovation into practice. What innovations at the classroom, school site, and school system levels are game-changers–and which others […] Read more

NewSchools Community of Practice 2010 Session Overview and Video: Lunchtime Discussion: Teaching As Leadership Meets Teach Like a Champion

Session Description: Regardless of how advanced the technology innovation, the demand for high-quality teachers remains strong. Great teaching doesn’t happen by chance, nor does it happen at scale without a strong strategy and structure underlying it. Audience members joined this lunchtime session for a dialogue about this important topic with the authors of two new books about effective teaching — both of which are being talked about across the country and influencing […] Read more

NewSchools Community of Practice 2010 Session Overview and Video: Introduction: Using Technology to Achieve Ambitious Goals

Session Description: Although technology has been touted as a tool for improving efficiency and effectiveness in education, it has rarely had the impact it promises on schools and classrooms. For students, technology is the way that they interact with, learn about, and communicate with the world. Educational technology expert Marc Prensky says, “our students today are all ‘native speakers’ of the digital language of computers, video games and the Internet.” Today, education […] Read more

More Summit 2010 session videos now available

At the NewSchools Summit in Washington, D.C. in May, the day started out with heavy-hitting dialogue about the progress of education reform, and ended with an urgent call to keep pushing to address the achievement gap. But what happened in between? Breakout sessions addressed tactical challenges for education entrepreneurs to pursue in the year ahead, including whether or not to partner with traditional school systems, how to communicate effectively about their work and […] Read more

NewSchools Summit 2010 Session Overview and Video: Breakout #1: District and State Partnership — Boon or Detriment for Entrepreneurship?

Session Description*: This session featured a spirited Oxford-style debate to argue the statement: Resolved: Entrepreneurs and systems must partner in order to achieve widespread improvement. The panel and audience examined whether partnerships with districts and states are necessary for the success of entrepreneurial education organizations and ideas. Are these partnerships critical for the system-wide advancement of entrepreneurial innovation, or can engagement of a large, potentially bureaucratic system dilute the impact of those […] Read more

NewSchools Summit 2010 Session Overview and Video: Breakout #2: Messages, Media, and Mindshare

Session Description: Policymakers and the media are paying attention to education reform efforts, and as part of that, to what education entrepreneurs have to say – about the problems they are addressing, about the impact their work is having on students and communities, about the lessons they’re learning, and how all that can influence the way public education works nationally. Now that they’re listening, what goes into making a message compelling? In this session, […] Read more

NewSchools Summit 2010 Session Overview and Video: Breakout #3: Political Savvy: Guidebook for a New Landscape

Session Description: For many entrepreneurs, a singular focus on achieving excellent results has been a successful–and sufficient–strategy politically. But with increased visibility and scale comes an increased need to confront the politics of this work head-on. What does it mean to be politically savvy on this new landscape? An accomplished panel with expertise from government and coalition building will offer a guidebook to a new political landscape. Speakers: Dan Katzir, Managing Director, […] Read more

NewSchools Summit 2010 Session Overview and Video: Breakout #4: Schools Hit the Big Screen: Influencing the Public Mindset

Session Description: During 2010, several films about public education will come to a theater near you, including “Waiting For Superman,” directed by Davis Guggenheim, who won an Oscar for his global warming documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.” This breakout session allowed participants to engage with documentarians and featured education entrepreneurs about how filmmakers have approached telling the story of entrepreneurial education reform, how these films can be used to influence a broad audience, […] Read more

Now available: videos from NewSchools Summit 2010 general sessions

Were you paying attention at the NewSchools Summit in DC this spring? Think you know who makes what plea to the entrepreneurial education movement? Then match the speaker with the memorable quote: 1. “No more Mister Nice Guy.” 2. “All means all.” 3. “The challenge before you now is to make these extraordinary successes a little less extraordinary.” 4. “Go hard or go home.” A. Susan Colby, Bridgespan Group B. Chancellor Michelle […] Read more