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Hacking Education: Detroit

As someone with family ties in the area, I’m constantly challenged by the majority of stories about Michigan. But, it’s not hard to see why Detroit is so frequently used as the poster city of our collective economic straits. Inner city blight, the exodus of college graduates, deep cuts in social services, and a shocking adult illiteracy rate: Detroit has all the hallmarks of a city in the throes of disaster. It’s […] Read more

Investing in Innovation (i3) Foundation Registry

The application deadline for Department of Education Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund grants has passed (it was August 2 this year). But here’s a helpful website for organizations seeking matching foundation funds for their grants: the Foundation Registry i3, at http://foundationregistryi3.org/. This website was created as a resource for organizations pursuing i3 funding.  It was set up by a group of leading foundations to simplify the process for organizations seeking the private matching funds […] Read more

Pitch It!

In partnership with Teach For America and the Stanford d. school, NewSchools is excited to host a great startup event to celebrate the inaugural cohort of this year’s EdTech Entrepreneurs Lab. The event will feature eight teams from the EdTech Entrepreneurs Lab who will pitch in front of a Silicon Valley star-studded panel, they will receive feedback and questions, but the final vote is up to the audience. The public has the final say, so […] Read more

2011 Investing in Innovation (i3) competition announced

Here’s a bit of information on the newly announced 2011 round of the federal Investing in Innovation Fund, or i3. We’re thrilled that nine members of the NewSchools portfolio were winners last year, and want to make sure you have the information that will enable you to decide whether the fund is of interest to you this year. As background, the i3 Fund provides sizable awards to support the validation and expansion […] Read more

Mark Zuckerberg, John Doerr, Joel Klein, Sal Khan, Kaya Henderson, Reed Hastings to headline Summit 2011

Get excited.Today, we are rolling out the final agenda and speaker list for Summit 2011. May 18 is going to be a great day. (And do click on the links… they’ll take you to our new website!)Since 1999, NewSchools has been holding the Summit as a way to gather and grow a movement of passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to improving public education for low-income children. This year, we are holding it for the […] Read more

The Chief of Yelp Talks to the EdTech Cohort

Tonight the TFA-NewSchools EdTech cohort spent a great evening with Jeremy Stoppelman, the CEO and co-founder of Yelp at their hip HQs in downtown San Francisco talking about entrepreneurship, Jeremy’s road from PayPal to HBS to Yelp, and the books he is reading about education these days.  Some interesting thoughts on life as an entrepreneur: Follow your passion: If you don’t love the idea, chances are it won’t stick Learn to pivot: Be flexible […] Read more

Building 550, Studio 2: “Design Thinking” Within Reach…

This weekend 25 aspiring education entrepreneurs convened in Building 550, Studio 2 (the beautifully industrial-designed workspace at the Stanford d.school) for the kick-off workshop of  The EdTech Entrepreneurs Lab, an initiative of NewSchools and Teach For America. Saturday’s workshop was the official launch of the Winter-Spring 2011 cohort, which represented a diverse cross-section of participants across the technology, education and business sectors. The goal of the program is ambitious: to cultivate and build […] Read more

Saying good-bye to the scribe of our movement

By and large, we at NewSchools like to use this blog space to announce news, or to ruminate on ideas, trends, and policy matters that are core to the work of education entrepreneurs. It’s rarely for individual matters. This will be an exception. For the last eight years, Julie Landry Petersen has served as the scribe to our movement, as well as our supporter, muse, and conscience. She joined NewSchools in its […] Read more

Education Innovation… and Alan Greenspan?

It wasn’t so long ago that events about education innovation were seen as the province of a few futuristic fanatics. For those who even put education and innovation in the same sentence, it was rarefied stuff. When folks got together to talk about innovation in education – and it wasn’t often – they could easily fit into the secondary meeting space at a smaller hotel, or, just as likely, into the lounge […] Read more

Fueling the entrepreneurial fire

In a new Education Next article excerpted from his latest book, education scholar Rick Hess recounts the skepticism that the entrepreneurs behind KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) and Teach for America (TFA) encountered when they set out to drum up financial support for their then-nascent ventures. The KIPP founders fired off more than a hundred letters to local corporations, while TFA’s Wendy Kopp wore a former presidential candidate down with some youthful persistence. Little […] Read more