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Taking Friedman to Heart

Guest Post by 5th Grade Teacher Mike LewisI spent my entire K-12 career dreaming of the day that I would be done with the classroom. My worksheets were completed, my boxes were checked, my grades were average. In short, I didn’t see the relevancy in going to school, aside from socializing. When I finally discovered how much fun it was to learn something new, build something from scratch, take pride in accomplishments; […] Read more

Innovators in Education

After 15 years of working to improve education by supporting and enabling the ideas and efforts of passionate innovators, instead of looking back, NewSchools Venture Fund is looking 15 years further down the road. We believe that looking toward the future is key to preparing for it. We also believe that the best way to understand the future is to listen to those creating it. Hear from NewSchools entrepreneurs about the challenges facing education, the solutions they are creating and the visions of the future informing and driving their work forward. Read more

Live from Summit 2013 – More Teachers Needed!

As one might have guessed from its title,”Millions and Millions of Great Teachers Needed: How Will We Meet this Need,” this Summit 2013 afternoon panel discussion focused on the critical question of meeting the growing demand for high-quality teachers. Kaya Henderson of D.C. Public Schools moderated this superb panel of experts on the subject of teacher training and preparation including Elisa Villanueva Beard, who gave a Learning in 2028 presentation, Jennifer Green […] Read more

Live from Summit 2013: The Parent Voice in Education Reform, and What America Can Learn from the World’s Leading Schools

After an exciting keynote from Secretary Duncan, the afternoon sessions started with a conversation about the parent voice in the education reform movement. The discussion was moderated by Russlyn Ali of the Emerson Collective. Ali told the audience that although the objectives of the various organizations in this field may differ, “We are all in this work to help make communities better and to help transform the lives of young people.” Read more

Live from Summit 2013 – Sec. Duncan’s Keynote

We are honored to have U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as the Summit 2013 keynote speaker. Appointed in 2009 by President Barack Obama, Secretary Duncan came to Washington after overseeing one of the nation’s largest and most complex urban school districts – Chicago Public Schools. Leading the Obama Administration’s education policy agenda, Secretary Duncan first made his mark on the system helping to drive progressive change in states across the nation through the Race to the Top competition. Read more