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The “friends and family round”: Reflections on the Camelback Ventures Bay Area summit

I attended the Camelback Ventures Bay Area summit on November 12 & 13. Camelback Ventures supports education entrepreneurs creating social impact. Their summit focused on ensuring fellows have access to professional development and opportunities to connect with one another and supporters.During the summit, Aaron Walker, Camelback’s founder, shared an overview of the organization, some testimonials from fellows, and a few reflections of his own. One idea stuck with me. Camelback acts as […] Read more

What NewSchools Will Do to Diversify Education Leadership

In a blog post earlier this week, we shared why closing the racial / ethnic demographic gap between the leadership of education organizations and the students they serve is essential for innovation. At NewSchools we are committed to helping close this gap. Today we are sharing our goals and how we plan to achieve them.What is our aspiration?We aspire to increase the number of Black and Latino founders and CEOs, senior leadership team […] Read more

Education Organizations Need to Diversify Leadership

Teams of educators are stepping up to create innovative schools that can prepare and inspire young people to achieve their most ambitious dreams and plans. These teams will be more successful if they understand the perspectives and needs of students and have the insight required to develop creative solutions. This means we must broaden the group of people who are generating ideas to create the innovations we need. In particular, the field […] Read more

Summit 2015: Ben Jealous Challenges us to Build ‘Uncomfortable’ Coalitions and Dream Big

Ben Jealous, partner at Kapor Capital and former President & CEO of the NAACP, closed the NewSchools 2015 summit with a powerful call to action: to build ‘uncomfortable’ coalitions and dream big.Ben joined us after spending the last week in Baltimore—a city where his family has roots for over 80 years—where he was conducting non-violent, civil disobedience training with students. Descending from a long line of activists, Ben has built on the […] Read more

Summit Presenter Q&A with Kriste Dragon, CEO of Citizens of the World Charter Schools

Our annual NewSchools Summit is coming up in less than two weeks, on May 6.  Leading up to it, we’re featuring conversations with some of our exciting presenters.  Today we’ll hear from Kriste Dragon, co-founder and CEO of Citizens of the World Charter Schools.  After earning her law degree and then spending years working as a math teacher, professional development coordinator, and operational leader in Los Angeles area schools, Kriste founded Citizens of the World in order […] Read more

Camelback Fellows Announces New Class of 2015

At Camelback Ventures, our mission is to diversify the social innovation ecosystem by leveraging the genius of all people. To close the opportunity gap we need all talent—including underrepresented entrepreneurs. It is not just a moral imperative, but a strategy for change.  In March 2015, Camelback launched its first “official” class of Camelback Fellows. These fellows are launching innovative schools, creating tech products, and building services to ensure improve education. Read more

DC Prep Ramps Up Diversity Training & Recruitment

Increasing diversity across DC Prep’s organization is a strategic priority. During summer 2014, DC Prep launched a set of ongoing Cultural Competency trainings with leadership teams in its award-winning network of preschool-8th grade public charter schools. DC Prep has also increased diversity of the Home Office staff, and its Talent Team will be implementing diversity recruitment/retention initiatives as the organization gears up to launch its fifth campus in the 2015-16 school year! Read more

Our Commitment to Diversifying Education

Many education reformers ask, “Why should we focus on closing the demographic gap between the children we serve and the leaders of the ed reform movement?”Our answer is simple. Research shows that diversity matters, and a sustainable education reform movement requires a community to participate in its own liberation to achieve the practice of freedom.  As the UNCF Done to Us, not With Us project reported, “the history of social change, like the […] Read more

UP Education Network Assembles its 2nd Diversity and Inclusivity Task Force

UP Education’s second Diversity and Inclusivity Task Force is creating a scorecard to measure our organization’s progress and performance in the areas of recruiting, hiring, training, supporting, promoting, and retaining a diverse group of employees.We look forward to hearing the diverse voices and perspectives from across the network and holding ourselves accountable for realizing our vision of diversity and inclusivity. Read more

Beyond Z Accelerator Preparing Diverse Next Generation Leaders

Beyond Z believes leaders can emerge from everywhere and is creating a new talent strategy for the country.  Their career accelerator empowers promising young people on their path to college graduation, meaningful careers, and lives of impact.  They are creating a model to discover, develop, and connect at least 100,000 extraordinary, diverse young people to high-quality skill building, opportunities, and networks.  From the Accelerator will come a generation of leaders as diverse […] Read more